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Kontest heeft in 2019 en 2022 een DJ wedstrijd georganiseerd waarbij de finalisten een persoonlijk begeleidings- en kansen traject aangeboden kregen. Na hun traject zijn ze een voor een vooruit gegaan in hun carrière. Graag lichten we onze Alumni even uit.


​​Antwerp born and raised, FGxtra Resident. He brings a mixture of minimal, deep and tech house sounds. Silky smooth synths and groovy basselines are right up his alley. Most of all he’s about having a laugh and sharing his favorite tracks with the crowd.


​​Blauw Schuim is a newcomer DJ from Antwerp, Belgium with about 2 years of experience. She always liked listening to various electronic genres when she grew up. When she discovered DJing, She found an outlet and skill that fitted her extensive music addiction. She likes a cocktail of acid house, trance classics, breaks, deep old synths, but plays pretty much anything she wants to during a set.

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